Rain, Camper Life, and Sea Creatures

Hurricane Florence is blowing and soaking our yard and our campers. We are huddled up in my parents’ house, not out of fear of our camper home getting blown away, but because we need to get an awning for the camper slides, and until we do they are not 100% leak proof. In any case, we pushed the slides in and are waiting out the rain in my parents’ cabin house playing scrabble and enjoying bath tubs and space and other luxuries while we wait for the storm to pass!

Tiny living with two babies is a whole new adventure- it’s not for everyone, but it is currently working for us. Things you may not know: if you live in a tiny home you have to clean very often (multiple times a day), BUT it doesn’t take very long. Also, things accumulate, so even as a minimalist, you will constantly find yourself owning more than you realized and needing to get rid of things, especially with babies. Oh, AND small spaces are not necessarily harder with little ones, especially if you like getting out of your house and doing things anyway.

I’m taking the opportunity of being rained in for the weekend to finish working on my new booth set up for craft shows and to look at designing a few ocean baby loveys. I have narwhal, whale, sea turtle, star fish, and octopus stuffed animals made, and I’m trying to decide which of those would make the best loveys. I’m playing with new fabrics and new design ideas as I listen to the rain drip and take shameless advantage of my parents helping with Whittaker to get work done.

Elizabeth Swing