About Elizabeth

When I was a kid I played outside in the woods for hours each day. I believed in multiple worlds that touched each other and were full of magic and wonder. My toys were a huge part of that magic. Because of that I place huge importance on anything we use to create that magic. They should encourage imagination by having simple and yet beautiful designs, be one-of-a-kind, and should be eco-friendly. Having handmade toys also lets kids know it's possible to make whatever they can imagine! I want to create toys to help children learn imaginative play, to inspire them, and to wake up their creativity and push them to grow. After I saw the gold color of the sunlight breaking through the emerald green tones of the the trees I became inspired with the name Emergolde for my creations because it is a combination of the words emerald and gold.

I now have two little boys, daily miracles that force me to slow down and wake up to the details of this world around me. I am constantly evolving what I make. I do this as I practice reacquainting myself with the little girl I used to be, in order to grow into the mother I want to become.